Placing an order for a stucco ceiling.

It’s possible to have similar ceilings installed. Even variations of these, and all new customized models for specific needs. Drafts will be rendered according to your approval, since modelled. Stucco mason Peter Møller then proceeds with constructing the stucco. Finally I adjust and check, then apply the last details ending in signing the final work.

Poetic reflection over nature.​

Since Roman times, society’s elite had their homes created by artists. Decorations of ceilings, was modelled and produced based on the clients wishes and personality. This way of working ended, when industrialisation through mass production made stucco a common item. With this in mind I was encouraged by stucco mason Peter Møller to reinvent the classical stucco. The first ceiling was modelled under the shade of an appletree, in the month of may. Intentionally free of the ornaments of the past

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claus lind © stucco modeling contemporary interior

Apple tree in May.

The ceiling solely reflects the apple trees branches and flowers. The result became the first hand sculptured ceiling this century. Visually it is simplistic, refined and new. The detail is unique in every leaf, every branch and every flower. This project has since expanded in size. During the project, further projects were commissioned by the client..

claus lind © stucco contemporary interior stucco modeling
claus lind © stucco contemporary interior stucco modeling
claus lind © stucco contemporary interior stucco modeling stucco interior
stucco ceiling stucco contemporary claus lind © interior stucco modeling

White Oaks

Modelling for Gjersholt manor’s new vestibule. Wanting a ceiling partitioned into a rhomboid shape – a rethinking of a Gothic ceiling. An old oak by the house became the inspiration for the ceiling. Between branches and rhomboids, moths, woodlice, bumblebees and other insects are modelled.

stucco contemporary claus lind © interior stucco craft
stucco interior claus lind © contemporary craft

The mouse meadow.

This commission is modelled under the oak tree in the garden on Gjersholt. The leaves are made based on this tree, the mouse on the branch immortalised after getting caught in a mousetrap on the farm. Several details are modelled based on branches sampled at Raadvad and Klampenborg gardens.

stucco interior plaster ornaments claus lind © contemporary craft oak
design interior stucco claus lind © craft oaks

Stucco Worker Peter Moeller,


Photo: Rune Hööck Von Buschmann, 


As a design artist, Claus Lind possesses an extremely rare combination of superior craftsmanship and extensive theoretical knowledge of all classical and modern art forms. Claus masters both the abstract, modern and the high classical naturalistic design. With his deep knowledge of craftsmanship and not least materials, Claus Lind can handle and design his works of art in a way that I do not think exists elsewhere in Denmark.

In his work for us, Claus Lind has also managed to translate these into components in construction, which have lifted the building to a different level than we thought possible.


Attorney Rasmus Haugaard; Gjersholt

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