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Our inner and outer space is in harmony when they reflect our personality. If you choose to work with interior and exterior designer Claus Lind, then it is your personality and soul that is the source of his inspiration and with his artistic intuitive approach your dreams will come true.

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barbara hepworth interior agnes martin claus lind © architecture wabi sabi

Interior design: These drawings illustrate ideas for a room dedicated for a customer who wanted something informal and personal, with the knowledge of the customers taste for classical roman, egyptian and modern art. Essentially the room is intended to understate the art, thereby creating a harmonic connection, by using natural materials, thus getting natural nuances getting into their own right. Making sure that no matter how many years the room is in use, in time it will be even more beautiful.

architecture design Jan Schoonhoven interior design wabi sabi interior designer claus lind ©
claus lind © wabi sabi Cycladic art interior designer
claus lind © interior contemporary wabi sabi design art roman art art interior designer
claus lind © interior lucio fontana wabi sabi post war art interior designer
claus lind © terrace john mc craken architecture wabi sabi lucio fontana exterior designer
claus lind © interior stucco classic panels scandinavian nordic manor vestibule interior designer

These rooms were designed and made for Gjersholt Manor. The family wanted a classic country manor, staying true to local traditions. Without copying a specific time period. The result is a room which echoes the traditions of the 1800’ century, with wooden panels on the walls and modelled branches, insects and bird themed stucco ceiling. Furnished with classical danish furniture. The granite floors were made of stones from the foundation of the preexisting manor. The dimensions of the tiles came from the customers foot as a measurement unit. Similar personal relations to the surrounding area and the manor has been central and in focus during the process. As a result, Gjersholt is not only a newly constructed manor – it’s a new country manor with new personal stories.

claus lind © manor park classic exterior Taxus baccata parterre garden

Gjersholt Manor; Parterre bed of cut yew. Inspiration for this came from the north sea coast of Jutland. A combination of waves and wind swept bushes moving away from the center stone, found under the old manor, with it’s petroglyphs, a witness to the place’s history.

claus lind © landscape architecture oberupgaard manor park garden architecture

Sketch for architectural park, Obdrup Manor.

claus lind © manor park architecture sketches ivy bridge oberupgaard garden

Sketch for architectural park, Obdrup Manor.

claus lind © nature gjersholt manor park lake nature elder biodiversity

Sketch for park with lake, on the plains at Gjersholt Manor.

claus lind © sketches cornice gjersholt manor classical architecture stucco

Dimensional drawing for cornice over the front door at Gjersholt Manor.

claus lind © panels gjersholt manor classic architecture architraves

Dimensional drawing for door dishes at Gjersholt Manor.


As a design artist, Claus Lind possesses an extremely rare combination of superior craftsmanship and extensive theoretical knowledge of all classical and modern art forms. Claus masters both the abstract, modern and the high classical naturalistic design. With his deep knowledge of craftsmanship and not least materials, Claus Lind can handle and design his works of art in a way that I do not think exists elsewhere in Denmark.

In his work for us, Claus Lind has also managed to translate these into components in construction, which have lifted the building to a different level than we thought possible.


Attorney Rasmus Haugaard; Gjersholt

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